In Switch Of Brilliance, Wwe Caps Jack Sway Champion

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From the first moment I put on a baseball glove my father was telling me the legend of a player by the name of Mickey Mantle. He roamed the great prairie that was center field at the old Yankee Stadium. I don't mean the Yankee stadium that now sits in crumbles in the Bronx next to the billion-dollar new stadium. I mean the old-old Yankee Stadium, prior to the renovations in the 1970's. That Yankee Stadium had a center field that went on forever, or at least until you hit the monuments that were actually in play in front of the wall. No one who patrolled that territory was better than The Mick -- at least according to my father.

Pre-Derby rankings are important, but what's more important is to realize that newly-turned three year old horses are still immature. A horse typically doesn't reach its racing maturity until it is well into its five year old season. One bad prep race does not make a horse's WWE bid necessarily come to a halt. Look at the great Secretariat, for example. Secretariat lost his first maiden race only to finish fourth. He also last his final Derby prep race to Sham-this last race was partially due to an abscess in his mouth. There are hundreds of reasons why a horse might not win a race, and as handicappers, it is our job to attempt to figure these reasons out.

Former Ultimate Fighter reality show participant Kris McCray took on John Hathaway. The fight can only be described as a dog fight as these two competitors put it all out there for the judges to decide. Not a terribly exciting scrap, but both showed heart after a very tough first round. After 3 rounds, a split decision was awarded to John Hathaway.

He is wonderful, completely uplifting and has a gift for telling archetypal stories like this one. I think that Randall's looking for people who possess that largesse d'esprit, people and actors who understand human nature, vulnerability, what amounts to the flip side of grandiosity. It can be tricky sometimes to work for a director who has written or contributed to the screenplay, because they're often very attached to the writing and want to stick to every nuance. But I have to say that in this case with Randall, it's wonderful, because his direction serves his writing, they go together and it works really well.

Jack Swaggar - Again this is a young guy with unlimited potential. The All American American is not impressing much of anyone walking around and lisping all his lines. Swaggar needs to be given a solid feud with a top line star. I would love to see Swaggar and Triple H go at it in a serious feud. Let Jack attack him a few times for being ignored in the WWE main events. Let him get the better of Triple H. For heavens sakes, give the man a different outfit while you are at it.

A: I've always thought Jarrett was an under rated worker inside the ring. In addition, he has always been good on the mic and seems to genuinely love the wrestling business. Yes, his World Title reigns in the early years of TNA were a bit ridiculous but overall I think his legacy will be remembered as dependable upper card worker who worked hard.

Cabrera won his wrestling second consecutive batting title with a average. He became the first Tiger since Ty Cobb to win back-to-back batting titles. He also won his second home run crown (44), and second RBI title (139). Additionally, the third baseman led the AL in slugging (.606), OPS (.999), and total bases (377). He scored 109 runs and had his first 200 hit season.

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